Winter in Maine, so far


We were able to go ‘home’ for Savannah’s baptism and Christmas.
















The snow melted and we went to Seal Harbor in search of sand dollars…






mg_3288_zpstlf3ziokI wanted to make sure my new boots were waterproof.






Chris’ birthday…more sledding.


img_3513_zpspwrqjceaOwen’s 4 month pictures.



And even more sledding pictures…















I hope their enthusiasm for the snow lasts until March, at least.

Fall in Maine

I really got out of the habit of using my real camera lately, but I’m trying to use it on occasion. Here was what we did according to my camera after moving to Maine!



img_2393_zpsumw3j8ciExploring Sand Beach for the first time.



img_2457_zpsxbzgrcfrAcadia National Park


img_2361_zpszpytpbu5This is the lake by the home we are renting.





img_2462_zpslb8gcnhhWe had the most beautiful fall.


One of the hikes we did. Unfortunately, the other hikes I only had my iPhone.

img_2614_zpsn4lpebydWe are just minutes away from the ocean.

Spring Break

Chris and I have been planning a weekend getaway as soon as he finished this semester for quite a while.  We didn’t tell the kids we were going anywhere, although Savannah knew something was up when I got her a new coloring book and wouldn’t let her use it. Elijah thought it was fishy when he saw me gather swim stuff. Chris picked Savannah up from school as soon as he finished his last final and we left Idaho. The kids guessed that we were going camping, to Jackson, Yellowstone, Lava and to Pennsylvania (unfortunately we only had two days, that would have been the best surprise. Better than Disneyland, in my opinion.). No one guessed our real destination, Salt Lake City.

Our first stop was to our hotel to go swimming (well our first stop was to Cracker Barrel to get pancakes for dinner)-

Chris said no jumping on the beds but it looks like I listen just about as good as the kids. :)

The next morning we went to the new aquarium in Draper-

This macaw kept saying, ‘Quack’.

Proof that there is rest for the weary if you are 5 and under and if your dad is strong. :)

After the aquarium we went to City Creek and to Temple Square for a little bit, even though we were all already tired. Lily kept all of us up the night before. But we went because I really wanted to see the flowers.

Yeah, we didn’t last very long.

After that we took our tired selves back to the hotel to swim.

The next morning we went to Hogle Zoo-

The baby orangutang was everyone’s favorite.

After the zoo we made a quick stop to a playground before we had to head back home.

We all had a good time, it was a good little break from reality!


March pretty much sailed by for us, which is good because January and February were a drag. Chris has 2 weeks left of this seemingly never ending semester, and then a week off before he starts another semester. We’ll all be glad when this semester is finished. He’s been working on his internship he needs to graduate, going to school full time and working full time. I’m not complaining, I just don’t know how he’s done it all.

Anyway, here are some pictures from my phone. One of these days I’ll dust off my real camera and use it.

The little kids and I hiked up to the temple one day, Elijah walked the whole time (about 45 minutes one way). The weather here has been great!

For the first time in 7 years of motherhood I can go to a playground and read a book instead of being right beside one of the kids. If there are more than 3 children at the playground Lily stays with me.

Hiking Cress Creek.

Anytime we are near a body of water we try to find a shallow spot so the kids can throw rocks.

When your brother is your best friend trains and tonka trucks are more fun than babies and tea parties.

When you love puppies as much as your Grandma Ruff you get a nice collection of cocker spaniel stuffed animals.

My parents came to Idaho this past weekend. Alexander recently turned 12, and in our church that is when boys get the priesthood. So they came to Idaho so his Grandpa and Grandma Owen could be apart of that also. We all enjoyed their visit, it was a nice break from reality for a little bit. We went out to eat a lot, saw Cinderella (my favorite part of the movie was realizing that the Fairy Godmother was Bellatrix) and went bowling (I have pictures of none of it).

Savannah got in a bit of trouble, and my parents had to ‘save’ her.

I like to save my favorite pictures to my phone. I can’t believe my boy is getting so old!

Lily’s news

Lily gets to be a big sister!

I used to take 100 pictures to get one good one, but who has time for that anymore? And this picture captures Lily’s personality right now perfectly. The terrific twos are really terrific. I’ve never had a child who is above bribery. I’ve also never had a child that would rather sit in their bed than say sorry.

We are all excited for a new baby. Well, Elijah only wants a baby if it’s a boy. I don’t care what it is, I just want a baby. So does Chris, I think he has wanted a baby for a while but never said anything until I said something.

I am feeling it more than I ever have. This is my 5th pregnancy (yikes!) and I’m no spring chicken anymore. :) I’m not old but I am older than I ever have been (duh).

And while I’m at it here are random pictures from my phone–

My Savannah is very thoughtful. I’ll translate for those who don’t speak first grade.

I love you mom! I hope you feel better. I think the baby is going to be a girl too. I also think it will be cute just like Lily. (Savannah rates things that are cute on a scale of 1 to Lily. Once she described something as, ‘Even cuter than my little sister, Lily.’) It will be hard to take care of 4 kids!!! All the shouting (I don’t think there is that much shouting, but okay), noise, crying. All the feeding you have to do, all the room we’ll have left. I love you mom.

Love, Sassy

That’s my sweet heart.

Sometimes when we go walking we pretend we don’t know who these monkeys belong to. Until I spy a guy on the floor stretching looking like he’s bursting at the seams trying to hold in a laugh. Then I see puddles of water on the floor. Elijah was drinking at the water fountain, holding water in his mouth and then spitting it at his big sister. Then I have to acknowledge that those kids are mine.

Elijah’s note to Savannah. (not for the water incident, for something different.)

Yesterday we went on our first bike ride of the season. It was so nice!

Dad, Elijah is not wearing a helmet because his huge Sheen head grew over the winter. We don’t value Savannah’s brain more than his, Chris couldn’t squeeze his helmet on his head. We’ll get him a new helmet ASAP.

My bike buddy.

January and February

We played in the dirty snow pile from our parking lot.

I live for Savannah’s days off from school. The house is too quiet when she’s at school (and no one gets bossed around).

This guy had a big birthday…

The kids love doing scavenger hunts. One Saturday we must have done 12.

Who needs breakfast? It’s Lego time.

The hotel near us lets you pay an admission to swim at the pool.

These two are best friends, I mean BFF! Elijah asked Santa for a baby brother for Christmas, but honestly with Lily he doesn’t need a brother. She’ll play anything with him; Legos, Tonka trucks, anything and everything. Chris and I have been reflecting on how busy Lily’s first year was; Savannah was 4 when Lily was born but I’d do it all over again because of how good these two are together.

Elijah got himself dressed one Sunday.

We’ve had such a mild February. We’ve already had some bike rides and playground visits.

One of Elijah’s and Lily’s chores is to bring me all the dirty clothes. I’m beginning to think that Elijah does all the work. hashtag it’s a hard knock life for that little miss.

2014 photo recap

*these are my favorite posts that I do. I love to go back and look at a years worth of pictures in one post. Just this morning I was looking at last year’s HERE. I’m thinking of going back and doing one for 2012.*

2014 brought us–

Chris’ 34th birthday–

Which he celebrated by building the kids a snow ramp and playing outside.

 We went to SLC at the end of January to try to beat off some cabin fever–

We went real sledding for the first time in Idaho–

 At the end of February Chris taught Savannah to ride her bike without training wheels.

We did a hike and took the scenic route so we could see the Logan temple.

(I don’t think I ever posted these pictures.)

A couple of weeks after teaching Savannah he taught Elijah. Elijah learned quicker than Savannah at (almost) 4 vs. 6 years old–

Elijah had his 4th birthday and got to go bowling. Elijah’s birthday at the end of March starts birthday season at our home.

The kids and I made up a swing jumping Olympics game. Elijah won.

Cress Creek is our favorite family friendly hike–

I like my family pictures everywhere we go.

2 weeks after Elijah’s 4th birthday was Lily’s 2nd birthday–

2 weeks after Lily’s birthday was my 30th birthday. We went to Jackson Hole for the first time–

I still want this hat.

On Easter I took a picture of our cuties–

Lots of early morning bike rides around the river–

On Memorial Day we went to Mesa Falls for the first time–

The kids and I had lots of fun at home while Chris was at work/school–

The spray park is always fun.

My parents came to visit at the end on June–

Dad’s famous splash.

They took us to the zoo in SLC.

Then we went to Grandpa Bruce’s for a day.

We did the parade with them. My dad picked a good spot, I guess the trick is to go with a true blue Idahoan. Lily is our only Idahoan, she’s our tater tot.

Extreme slip and sliding with Alex and Luke.

We did Lava after Chris finished his summer semester at the end of July. Lava is the best–

Chris and Savannah love the speed slides.

Elijah was just barely tall enough to do the other slides. He loved them and did them at least 20 times, sometimes by himself, and he was an awesomely behaved little boy and waited his turn.

Lily’s hair got as blonde as possible.

We got to see Alex O a couple of times–

Chris got Lagoon tickets through Melaleuca again–

The baby rides are my favorite, I’ve become a wuss in my old age.

We went to Yellowstone before Chris started school again–

(Chris does this on purpose. He’ll deny it but I know he does. He has the timing down to a science.)

I think that this was one of my favorite Yellowstone trips.

Savannah started first grade and loves it–

We moved to Rexburg right after Chris’ summer semester finished which made it nice to run to the spray park in the evenings.

I took our family pictures for the second year, even after I said I wasn’t doing them again last year. I like the way they turned out.


Elijah did a semester at the preschool and BYUI. He liked it but we didn’t sign him up for another semester. I can’t believe he will go to Kindergarten this fall, I will have my hands full to get him ready.


Savannah had her 7th birthday. She’s our only odd year birthday, but we love her anyways. :) (I should have held her in for two more weeks…)

That’s a wrap on 2014!